It’s a hard task to consider. It involves a lot of careful thought and prayer. Preparing for a year in service sounds so big. Which it is. The point is, I want to make sure I’m where I want to be with my heart, mind, and body; so I can go successfully into my year. … More Preparing

Thoughts and Thanksgiving

Things are moving. Sometimes it seems like everything is moving super fast, at top speed, and other times it feels like things are moving incredibly slowly. I experience things and can remember how I felt hours and even days after, and sometimes I can’t remember what I was feeling an hour ago. It depends on how things strike me. I have to say the past two months have been filled with lots of feelings and lots of adventures.  … More Thoughts and Thanksgiving

In the quiet hours

Mornings are hard for many people. There tends to be an understanding between humans that mornings are for quiet contemplation and reflection. Walking to my bus stop in the morning is one of my favorite parts of my day, though I am by no means a morning person. The cool air and the sounds of … More In the quiet hours

Listening and Learning. 

Working at Central, there is a lot to learn. There’s the training for how to do intake. There’s learning how to answer the phones and how to answer people’s questions. There’s learning how to pick up on the mental illnesses that clients come in with, and there’s learning how to listen. It’s important to listen to the client and what they need of course, but learning to take the time to hear their stories is very important. … More Listening and Learning. 

My Job

Boring title, I know. But honestly I’m going through something that makes creativity hard. As much as I feel this way, I also know that art therapy is real and alive and helpful especially in times of trouble. So come and join me in these troubled waters even with their boring titles. … More My Job

Building a Little Family

When I was at Orientation in Stony Point, NY, I’ll admit I had quite a few anxieties. What would my job be like? Would I be able to handle the work? Would I work well with the other people at work? Would my housemates and I get along? Would we spend time together? A million other questions plagued my mind and made my heart race at many different points during Orientation. Though I found great comfort in my orientation small group, the greatest comfort for calming my fears about Atlanta came from exactly the right place. The people I would be living with. … More Building a Little Family