Advocacy In The Everyday​ Life

It’s been a while since the last time I posted. A lot has happened, and I think I needed time to process. March and April were full of excitement, both good and bad, and a lot of growth. I talk about growth a lot, but that’s why I named my blog “Seeking and Growing,” because I knew I needed to grow a lot this year. The way that I have grown the most in the past two months, I think, is in my understanding of Advocacy, its importance in the world, and how to live into being an advocate every day. … More Advocacy In The Everyday​ Life


Good Community is Key…and other lessons.

So I start this blog post with a grain of hesitation. The only reason being that the main point of this post is still hard to talk about, but we’ll get to that later. This YAV/DOOR year has been full of so many lessons and I’ve learned a lot of them with my community. This is just a brief summary of the lessons I’ve learned most recently. … More Good Community is Key…and other lessons.

December Was Intense…

As I said in my last post, December started out with the Retreat. Then after we got back, December was very much about personal reflection and preparation for the holidays, both for ourselves as YAVs and for gaining understanding as a community, and as volunteers, observing the cost of the cold and joyous season on the lives of those we serve.  … More December Was Intense…

How Spending A Weekend Away From ATL and Hiking Amicalola Falls Strengthened Our Community.

Part of this hike is actually a piece of the Appalachian Trail. I mention this hike because if I’m honest, I was scared of this and the potential challenge it presented. I am not a hiker. … More How Spending A Weekend Away From ATL and Hiking Amicalola Falls Strengthened Our Community.

Thoughts and Thanksgiving

Things are moving. Sometimes it seems like everything is moving super fast, at top speed, and other times it feels like things are moving incredibly slowly. I experience things and can remember how I felt hours and even days after, and sometimes I can’t remember what I was feeling an hour ago. It depends on how things strike me. I have to say the past two months have been filled with lots of feelings and lots of adventures.  … More Thoughts and Thanksgiving

In the quiet hours

Mornings are hard for many people. There tends to be an understanding between humans that mornings are for quiet contemplation and reflection. Walking to my bus stop in the morning is one of my favorite parts of my day, though I am by no means a morning person. The cool air and the sounds of … More In the quiet hours

Listening and Learning. 

Working at Central, there is a lot to learn. There’s the training for how to do intake. There’s learning how to answer the phones and how to answer people’s questions. There’s learning how to pick up on the mental illnesses that clients come in with, and there’s learning how to listen. It’s important to listen to the client and what they need of course, but learning to take the time to hear their stories is very important. … More Listening and Learning.